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Olsen 12 cf Downdraft Kiln Questions

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I'm considering purchasing a used Olsen 12cf downdraft kiln. I think its about 10 years old.

I've been saving for a new one, but then came across this one.

It seems to be in fine condition.

I have 2 questions...


#1 - its currently configured to burn natural gas.

Will it be difficult to find and change the orifices to convert it to propane?


Its been disassembled and boxed up.

I see on the Olsen website that their kits come with air set mortar.

Will I need mortar to reassemble it?


Are there any other questions I should ask the seller or any other considerations I should know about?



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I would contact Olsen and ask for a conversion kit for the burners. It is a matter of changing the orifice size. As for the mortar, ask them when you talk to them.

I would assume yes. You may have to do some scraping where the old mortar was.


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Thanks Marcia.

I did call and talk to Mr Olsen.

I think my hubby has pretty much convinced me to invest in a new kiln rather than a used one. He points out it will likely be the only kiln I'll ever actually buy, so why not go new.

Hard to argue with a man encouraging his wife to spend money ;)

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