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First, I can't tell you how many people have told me that they don't use my gifts because they don't want to brak them :( There's a reason I dont make sculpture! I want to connect!


Also, there may be little or no money in it but I deeply enjoy making things for children. The only special things I had as a child in a large family were handmade and it brings me joy to pass that on to my son and other children. Ever since reading this thread I've been setting plans to have a children's table at my studio tour and I'm really excited about it.


Here is a dino mug and two bowls I made for my son. If they break, they break. They'll be even better in the remake.



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My kids are very active with me when I go to art shows to sell or shop. Tonight I came home from a weekend getaway and pulled a mug that I purchased out of a bag and my 11 yr old daughter made an awestruck squeal and ran to grab it and examine the mug. She has a thing for Neil Estricks work too- she likes how smooth they are. I think it's a lovely idea to have lesser priced small mugs for children only.

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