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Wholesale Pricing?

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Wow, I wish I had read this thread a few hours ago! I decided to try selling some work in our local art center gift shop and was stumped about pricing. The art center thought I was undervaluing my work but as I have never sold anything before was reluctant to put too high a price on anything. They take 35% and told me to price accordingly??? You all have given me a lot to think about! Thanks.

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This is a very interesting thread.

In my area, there is little respect for or knowledge of, handwork and after a discussion at street fair with customers about how my pieces qwere made, , large but still not very high class, my customers would turn around and ask me, "So where do you buy this stuff"?

If I priced my work like you folks in more appreciative ares can, I would not sell anything. I find I make more 'quick and cheap' things than I would like to in oreder to have sales. I am still tying to pay for a studio and need the income.

I strive for quality pieces and my work gets better and better, but the local buyer doesn't get any more demanding of quality work. If it's blue and under $18, it sells.

Any suggestions?

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It would be lovely if we all lived in the right place to sell our work, but we don't.

Sometimes you just have to find ways to get your work out of your geographic area.


Unfortunately doing this means doing even more work, making more decisions and

taking even bigger risks. A double sided coin for sure.


I urge you to read the Forum discussion and blog under "hourly wages for a potter".

It is excellent.

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