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Mentor Found | Mentee Looking For Help Making A Living & Cohesive Portfolio

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Please help Mentee # 813.


She needs help with a business plan to follow to make money. She has a small studio put together and is truly ready to make the pottery life a career. Her time line is more immediate needs since she has to make a living. In CT, thrower, sculptor, hand builder, electric and alternative firings. Looking for engaging Mentoring Arrangement with at least 3 points of contact to 6 months, depends on Mentor availability. She is very interested in pulling a formal portfolio together.


So if you know how to make money, know how to strategically plan your business model, if you have a good eye for a strong portfolio, and you have a little bit of time to help by phone or by email, Mentee #813 is a great fit for you!


For more information on our Mentoring Program: PC Mentoring Program


For more information on the work flow process of being a Mentor: Mentor Work flow


And to apply to the esteemed position of a Potters Council Mentor, please apply here: Mentor Application



Thank you for your help! We appreciate you...and Mentee #813 will appreciate you even more!



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