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Mentor Found | Harry Potter Needs You, The Other Potter

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It is so funny...every time I go to the world wide web of the googles, the bings, and every other search engine imaginable looking for potters and pottery, I end up with this:




Sure, I am a die-hard Harry Potter addict, too, right beside my two munchkin boys...but this time, I really need a Potter, the good 'ole, non-Hollywood kind of Potter to help (of course, you can be a rock-star potter...fame is always welcome).


And if you need a little extra cajoling, Harry Potter sends the following message: Will the REAL Potter please help another Potter?


Our current potter in need:

We have a Mentee who considers herself an amateur potter - thrower, home studio, developing glazes and loves alternative firings. She is seeking help from another potter: skills, techniques, critiques, form review, Business 101. She is hoping for someone to work with her for 6-12 months in establishing a strong Mentoring arrangement. She wants pottery to have more presence in her life.


Thank you for your consideration! Mention Mentee #808, the Harry Potter Mentor and please apply here: My link And Harry Potter is relieved to find your help...he needs to get back to his gazillion dollar movie career!


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