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Mentor Found | Do A Good Deed: Help A Hand Builder

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Welcome, again, to our new member benefit, The Potters Council Mentoring Program. Link to PCMP


We are here for you. Our ENTIRE goal is to connect folks and to bring together

the expertise and the needed expertise, the answer-ers to the question-ers, the helpers to the helpees, the "I've arrived" with the "I wanna arrive"...


you get the picture...


So back to the subject at hand...


Here is a Mentor request for Mentee #807:

We have a hand building clay artist who is taking courses at a local community college. She is interested in having someone help her develop as a potter. She says she has the passion for pottery. Yeahhhh! Another clay addict! What is it with this clay material???? She is looking for suggestions with her artwork and her next steps. She enjoys texturing, sgraffito, carving, and fires in electric. If you can share your repertoire and your opinion in critiques to help this potter, we need you!



Please apply HERE: http://www.surveymon...ntorapplication Mention Mentee #807, Helping the Hand Builder. If we have already found a match, please indicate if you are open to helping another similar person....Thank you for your consideration!!!post-1872-13108633596125_thumb.jpg We appreciate our Mentors!!!!


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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