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Mentor Found | Constructive Criticism Needed

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Welcome to the Potters Council Mentoring Program....we are the gang bringing our artists together.


A fellow artist in Canada needs our help...she is seeking guidance from a mentor. Critiques, skills and techniques in hand building and alternative firings, and help formulating her artistic direction. She is at that point that we all hit as artists...the point when she really begins to hone in on her own style and voice. She is requesting a long-term mentoring relationship (6-12 months) to help her push forward in the next year.

Are you a hand builder?


Are you good at critiquing work and helping an artist move forward in their body of work?


Are you feeling especially altruistic and want to take a moment every now and then for the next 6 to 12 months to help out another clay artist so you feel that warm, feel-good-for-giving feeling?


We have the perfect solution! Please complete our Mentoring Application: Mentor Application Please note that you are interested in helping Mentee # 805, the Artist seeking Criticisms...I mean Critiques!







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