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Does Anyone Out There Truly Support Themselves With Their Ceramics/pottery?

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Law450 ... That is brilliant!! Putting yourself on retainer is the most original, creative idea I have heard in ages. Find a need and fill it.

This would also work well in supplying to restaurants but it must be tricky to figure out your pricing.




Hi Chris. Naw..I really dont take myself too seriously when it comes to pricing. You see I have found that most people dont see the simplicity in making a product. Especially if the product already exist in some form or another. With the restaurants I keep it simple. I have a set of blankware for almost every thing and there is a shop here that carries a lot of these items for the local hotels and restaurants. Where i fill the nich is in customizing the items with their individual logos and business names. So I can be a cheap addon to any dish that needs replacing. I produce my own digital decals and so keep that cost to a minimum. I think my average cost for customizing a simple plate is $15.00 including the price of the plate. This only works because of volume.

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