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I can't think of any distance learning ceramics program but the ceramic Arts Daily does offer a lot of information. Subscribe to that from this site. There are video clips, recipes, all types of technical information. You ca go back into the archives as well. Select from the menu above.


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Guest JBaymore

Hi, i'm from Ukraine.


I search for distance education in the field of art ceramic!May be somebody know where can i find any information about cources&



I assume that you are talking about formal degree programs?


Like Marcia, I don't know of any either. Ceramics is such a "hands on" field of study that I'd suspect that there are none. If there are any courses, there might be some individual ones in the technical/scientific side of things, and mainly focused on "theory". But I doubt even on the scientific side of ceramics that there are full degree programs available online with even a low residency kind of requirement.


If you are looking for education, and not a degree, you might be limited to mainly working from books, videos, online information, and online forums like this one if there are no ceramists nearby that you can arrange to work with. Also keep you eye open for any ceramic workshops that might come to someplace near you. The Potters Council of ACERS will be launching a mentoring program soon that might also be a bit of a resource for you if you become a member of the Council.





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May be it was expressed wrong , but i had in view of such Distance Learning where i shall have a possibility to get certificate 


Possible at the end of this courses i shell pass some online exams or send any of my products.


P.S. Sorry for my english ;-))



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What type of certificate? One online course doesn't seem likely to have a major impact on your abilities. I still think you could learn a substantial amount by going to Ceramics Arts Daily and watch the videos or read the daily tips. There is a vast quantity of educational material there. A certificate does not mean that much. It is the work you produce that is the significant factor. Have you gone to CAD and seen what is offered there? After 40+ years of working in Clay, I love finding new techniques and see what is being done . The field of ceramics is in constant flux. It seems to improve and expand exponentially. So report back what you think of CAD on the menu above to the right.


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