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Found 5 results

  1. Have tried multiple recipes online, only to have them craze. Looking for reliable white liner recipes ( pref glossy, bonus if speckled)
  2. I'm looking for help with a recent glaze issue. I've been using the same clay and white glaze for a couple of years. Now, all of a sudden, I'm getting tiny black specks in the glaze, and it's ruining the clean look I'm trying to achieve. I've used different batches of my perfered clay and glaze, installed new elements, throughly vacuumed the kiln, kept my bisqueware clean. I don't know what else to do to, and don't know what's causing the black specks. Does anyone have any insight on this issue?
  3. From the album: Fullacreations Pottery

    6 inches x 5 inches carved design with white glaze.
  4. Here is my first successful ash glaze. I call it Nuka crackle. it is fired to ^6 oxidation. It is placed on thick and cracks as it dries. The top of the tile is double dipped while the bottom is single dipped. It does not drip, but has a great matte finish. The recipe is: Soda Feldspar 40 Tumbleweed ash 26.7 Whiting 13.3 EPK 13.3 Frit 3124 6.7 Total 100 I'm thinking of using it over a darker glaze so the color is seen through the
  5. I have some glossy, white zirconium glaze (fires at 1030 - 1120 degrees c). It is too white, and too glossy for my purposes. Can anyone suggest any additions that would tone it down a bit, in one or both respects? I am using studio white earthenware and fire to cone 04 in my small electric kiln. The attached photo shows the finish. Many thanks.
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