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Found 3 results

  1. Hi Folks, Thanks for the add. I would first like to say that I am an absolute novice so apologies for silly questions. I have acquired a G35 wheel and it is making a thumping noise once every revolution. I am assuming it is a belt problem? Does not appear to be any play in the bearings if I grab the wheel head and try to move it. Is there such a thing as a maintenance manual for these things? How do I get inside to check the belt? Where do I buy spares. I live on the Isle of Man so am not surrounded with people who can give advice. Any advice would be most appreciated. Warm Regards Andy
  2. My family all pitched in and bought me a Clay Boss wheel for my birthday about a month ago, and it's never quite felt right. It's incredibly difficult to center on. I've used different bats - hydrobat, universal bat system - and it still poses problems. I've completely leveled the wheel head, but the wheel table still isn't level. When its rotating, I can hear a low womp womp womp sound and feel a surge or wobble. I've also already tried the clay ball with the needle tool trick and the needle tool appeared to be rotating fine. The company isn't being a huge help in finding out whats wrong with my brand new wheel, so I'm hoping to get some suggestions and advice here. Thanks!
  3. I need advice. This afternoon, as I was throwing a piece, a strange noise suddenly emerged from under my wheel, a Pacifica GT800. I unplugged the wheel, unscrewed the bottom cover/plate? and discovered that the turntable turned due to the efforts of four rubber belts, and one was broken. I called Laguna and a very nice man assured me that it was no big deal, that I could buy a new belt for about $7 and that I should be able to put it on myself. Later, I called Laguna again to ask if I could use the wheel with just the three remaining belts temporarily. A new nice man answered and said yes but when I said that I wanted to order a new belt he told me that I should replace all four. My questions: Should I replace the broken belt or all four? Is it reasonable to think that an old (78) lady could replace all those belts? I have managed to replace elements, thermocouples and relays on my kiln but my hands are arthriticy and it looks as if belt replacement might require quite a bit of manual strength. I would appreciate your input and opinions, Joan.
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