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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I am working on a large scale sculpture about 5 feet tall and 31/2 feet wide. I will not be firing this piece ; will be air dried only. The life of the sculpture is expected to stay only for about 1.5 months I considered Laguna paper clay but availability and timing is an issue. I have WED (Walt Disney modeling clay - wet) with me that I thought would use for this project initially. Reading lots of posts about making your own paper clay and the advantage of green strength by using paper I am inspired to try making paper clay. I have green blow in cellulose from Lowe’s that I want to use instead of bath tissue or newspaper. My local ceramic distributor has OM-4 ball clay in powder format and can provide stoneware clay in dry powder format. I would like to get some advice on if one of these clays are better than the other. And any advice on how much cellulose / fiber should be added to the clay. I plan to rent a cement mixer to combine the clay and fiber. I plan to use the pillow case to filter / drain the water out. Is a plaster bat also required to get the clay workable consistency for handbuilding? Any additional inputs are welcome. Thank you in advance for reading my query and offering your help. regards, GR
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