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Found 5 results

  1. Hi I am new to participating in this forum. Have been using the site and your discussions to educate myself on all aspects of kilns, firing, glazes etc. Just discovered "wadding" recipe (by John) and uses...wow!...so basic question...how dry does wadding between props and shelves need to be before firing? (low temp ...1080C) Thanks so much for consideration and responses. kindest thoughts across the waves and oceans in New Zealand Jude
  2. I am trying to make wadding for building up my kiln shelves. I have an electric kiln and normally I would use 50 parts EPK and 50 parts Ball Clay and mix with water till it is a dough and put it between my furniture and my Kiln shelf to act like a glue as I am building up my shelves to make them sturdy. I do not have anymore EPK but I do have a big bag of Kaolinitic Clay (not sure exactly what that is but I do know that Kaolin is in EPK) in powder form and I also have OM4 Ball Clay and some Alumina. Can I mix 50 parts Kaolinitic Clay and 50 parts OM4 Ball Clay and maybe throw in a little alumina to make a wadding for my shelving process? I dont want to use much alumina since it is so expensive. Any advice would be much appreciated
  3. Guest

    PostWaddingExample Anagama

    From the album: Images For Misc. Posts

    Example of post wadding in an anagama.
  4. Hello all, after a few months of lurking and dreaming about getting started, I've gotten to the point where I can finally make some things. Got the kiln wired in and it's all looking very clean and crisp - my question is, has anyone ever used commercially produced tiles as wadding? I want to keep those kiln shelves in tip top order and I am hoping to fire a bunch of flat Christmas decorations, much like the one in my avatar. They are made from stoneware, because that's what I have to hand (hoping to progress to functional ware) and will fire to cone 9 i believe. I have some commercially produced glazes to suit, and I was wondering if I could set these on top of some inexpensive tiles that I already have - the tiles appear to be unglazed quarry tiles. I'm planning on careful application to just the front of my ornaments, but just in case some of the glazes run, could I use tiles do you think? Many thanks for any replies.
  5. I have about 30 skinny handle tea spoons that I'd to glaze and fire at cone 6 electric and are looking for suggestions on what to do so I can glaze the spoon in its entirety with out it sticking to the kiln shelf. I bought lots of the smallest size stilts that could work for the spoon part but the handle is so skinny that I fear it will slide off of a stilt with the shrinkage. my next thought was to try wadding but that would just fuse to the glaze right? Hoping for a solution but if not maybe in the future I'll try putting a hole in the handle and hanging them from wire. If the wadding idea isn't totally awful, I'd also appreciate a recipe! Thanks in advance, Christina
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