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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All! Having given up on the Skutt 181 that just doesn't want to work I'm considering a new (used) kiln. Also not wanting to make the same uninformed mistakes as before I thought I'd run it by you awesome peeps here. So it's an Olympic Model #1818, 240 volt, Temp 2250, watts 5040 Cone 6. The odd thing is - I can't find ANY info on a 1818 model that is cone 6 ! I sunk a couple hours into looking it up. I found a cone 4 at 120 volt, and cone 8s and 10s. Has anyone come across this type of model? It has a kiln sitter rather than a digital controller. All the versions I can find are not set up this way. I don't want to sink money into it and not be able maintain it and find parts if needed. It is listed at $600. Is this a good price? With it being a cone 6 and a kiln sitter (which I don't mind), should it be lower?
  2. I just bought a used kiln. As far as I know it’s in decent shape for it’s age. The downfall is that the bottom has many cracks that go all the way through! The band on it holding it together is rigged, holding it together with wire. I’m assuming that as long as the band is tight there isn’t any way for the bottom to give out and collapse, or maybe it will I don’t know. The bricks are pretty fragile and flake off so I don’t want to mess around with it to much. I’m new to kilns and maybe just over thinking. Should I replace the bottom? Is it safe to have cracks that go all the way through the bottom? If anyone has any feed back please let me know anything helps. I’ll post photos later when I can.
  3. I bought a used paragon 10 sided TnF 23-3 kiln and just had the electrician here today to run wiring for it. I did a test to see if all of the elements worked and discovered that the two at the top and the two at the bottom glow bright red, YAY! However (this may be a newbie question), there seem to be about four in the middle that do not fire at all. Is this normal? What do I do next? It has a chip and some cracks in the brick in the lid that I can fix and I plan to set it on a stand and get a Orton VentMaster. Any other advice for me?
  4. Hello! I’m a newbie on this forum; happy to have finally made an account! I have been doing ceramics for a couple years and am finally taking the plunge for my first kiln. I found a used Skutt SK 818 on craigslist, one owner who bought it new. Model: 818-240 , Phase 1, 240V, 40 Amps, Cone 10 It fits the bill specs wise for me, albeit a little smaller than I would have preferred but still good. The only concern i have is it looks like the bricks on the inside look kind of rough. Drip stains on the floor and walls but the coils look really straight up at least as far as i can see on the photos. Haven’t gone to see it in person yet since they are about 3 hrs away and wanna make sure its a good deal before I do. Should i be concerned with the look of the bricks? Pictures below! Price is $475 with stand and other accessories. Thank you in advance for all for your knowledge and advice! Cynthia
  5. I am a ceramic hobbyist looking to buy a used kiln. I have found a few on craigslist in my area, but I don't really know what I am looking at. I know how to load a kiln, but have no experience doing my own firing. I found a used Westby, but it seems this company has been out of business for some time. I looked at new kilns but my budget is nowhere near enough to buy new. Any suggestions on what to look for, or what to stay away from. Has anyone built their own kiln? I know I will have to put in a separate breaker for it, but my husband is an electrical engineer, so that is no problem. Do any of you use your kiln in your basement? Our basement is large, with a cement floor. We also have a detached garage, so that is my other idea.
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