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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, I'm hoping someone can give some technical tips on repairing my Cromartie Hobbycraft kiln with controller and which is not hard wired but runs off a 13 amp plug. It is a top loader. Bought as a used kiln, I have been using this quite happily for a number of years until recently where it has stopped reaching a stoneware glaze firing of 1240C. I have replaced the elements and ceramic insulators, checked and cleaned up all the connections and tightened the belts around the body and lid. I have also changed the electrical lead from a short one which fitted into a socket not on the main circuit to a longer lead, about 5-6 meters, to reach a socket on the main circuit as I understand it can cope better with the energy required. I wondered if it makes a difference that the lead is much longer than the original which was no more than 2 meters. Any advice or tips will be very gratefully received. Thanks Kathy
  2. I bought a used Gare Pf 2329 kiln a few months ago. It was in great physical shape. It's 240 v single phase but we had it installed on a 208 power supply (by a certified electrician) and changed the elements to 208 volt (by a very experienced kiln repairman). He tested the power using a meter and it should have worked. We tried firing to cone 6 but after 19 hours the cones bent (and my glazes begged for the heat to stop, but that's another story). Obviously something was wrong. We had the relays checked and one changed. He also added an extra one since one relay was controlling 4 elements. We successfully did a bisque firing. Today we started a cone 6 firing at 5 am. It was going up well until about 1900 at 12pm, when it started slowing down big time. It was inching up for hours and stalled around cone 1. We turned it off at 9 pm. I can't believe it's still not working properly. The last things are the thermocouple or the controller. The repairman says the thermocouple is fine. We need to call him again. I imagine the next thing he'll check is the controller. These repairs are going to end up costing the same as the kiln did in the first place. But we've invested too much to turn back. I am so frustrated! Any suggestions? Similar stories? I need to fire my work! My work is being showcased in a boutique in little over a week and I can't afford to lose any more pieces to bad firings.
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