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Found 2 results

  1. Hi. I was looking for a nice white liner glaze and I came upon Turners White in a CAD article. It said it was good with cone 6 and cone 10 and mixes well with Mason stains. Sounds perfect to me, The glaze called for soda ash which I was out of. I called my local pottery shop and he had Minspar 200 which he said should work well as a sub. So I tested it at Cone 6 and it came out very underfired looking. It was dry and cracked This is the recipe I made Dolomite 10 Whiting 9 Minespar 200 25 Custer Felspar 20 EPK 18 Talc 6 Silica 12 BEntonite 2 Zircopax 8 (I used Zircopax plus) Is Minspar 200 a good Soda Felspar? Could it have been Zircopax Plus instead of just Zircopax? What can I do to fix this glaze for cone 6 firing. Thanks
  2. Hello, I am new to this forum and new to mixing and firing my own cone 6 glazes in an electric kiln. Boy, what a learning curve! I have much to learn. I'm grateful to you guys for posting so much useful information here:) I just fired a small kiln load of pcs of different stoneware clay bodies with Turner White recipe that I found on Ceramic Arts Daily. I thought it would be a stable fool-proof glaze so I regrettably did not test. My kiln has been overfiring, so this firing I made the adjustment of firing to cone 5, holding for 15 minutes. My pyrometer cone reached cone 6, so temperature is good...but....maybe some improvements still need to be made. The turner white came out different on different clay bodies. On Venus White clay (which has some grog) and B-mix clay, it came out an undesirable chalky, super matt. The surface almost feels like clay body. There was also some crawling happening on the Venus White clay body pcs. On red b-mix and electric brown, the finish was a tiny bit more satin matt...but not much more. I also noticed a lot of crackling, popping well after the pieces had cooled down. On some of the Venus White pcs, lots of crazing where I had dripped Leach Blue over the Turner White. What do you think the problem could be? Could some of this have to do with kiln temperature and/or cool down? And could I save these pieces by coating with clear glaze and re-firing? Or mix a new batch of turner white glaze with additional chemical to increase sheen?
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