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Found 4 results

  1. Hi folks, no new questions in the pool, so I will pose one. I was recently watching a youtube video posted from House Beautiful about Heath Ceramics in S.F.. The video shows some interesting things including the use of a Griffin Grip! This production pottery also shows quite a bit of trimming, some throwing and ware on the storeroom walls. I was enthralled with the amount of trimming done with the GG, and how much trimming was done. I had always been taught to trim only the base, and make my throwing thin enough to not need trimming, and to use ribs when in need of smooth surfaces. Quite
  2. I used to fall into the affectation camp. Back in the day, if I could sell a mug for 6 bucks, I was pretty happy. I can throw pretty fast, and I'd throw the mug, undercut the foot slightly with a wooden knife, wire it off, and it was done, except for the handle. I'd wipe the edge with a sponge, and leave the wire marks. High volume was the key to making my ration of macaroni and cheese. But recently I got into throwing yunomis-- handle-less cups for tea and wine Most of the great potters whose yunomis I looked at used turned footrings, even if some of them were what I would call a lit
  3. I trimmed some small mugs using porcelain clay ( always a bit of a struggle for me !!!) But today noticed some became almost” impossible “to trim Am trimming without a foot ..... But found that the bottom of the mug started a “ ripple effect( if this the right term ) which continued less than half way down “ Am wondering is this due to 1) not being well centered for trimming ? 2 )Not following the inside shape Or due to some other reason ?? Kind regards Nicky
  4. Hello I was hoping for any help on the trimming of pinch pots on the wheel, I met another Potter at my local studio who does this and she offered to show me but we keep missing each other. Do any of you know how to do this and what kind of specific equipment or tool do I need? A plaster or bisque slump mould? What kind of bat system do you need?
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