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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All, I was searching for the most popular glaze colors for 2019 (or trends) - I have done some shows, but my setup looked more like 1000 pieces of misc. pottery. I want to go back to a more "solid" look, and maybe have 3 sections (or 2) with only a combination glaze mix and/or solid color glaze (no layering) so my booth doesn't look so "Hodge Podge" I looked at the other newer post on the users first pottery show and how to display, but my question(s) are: 1) I was looking at coming color trends for 2019; they are gearing towards yellows, oranges, turquoise....does anyone apply those trends to pottery and decorations? These were general color trends and also included fashion trends 2) Given the two markets I am starting to make more work for are towards the holidays, what "colors" do you suggest? I don't want to gear my items towards Thanksgiving or Christmas (I don't want to end up taking a bunch of things home that are all holiday themes) - but what colors/color combinations are best around the holidays? Or does it matter? Thank you in advance for suggestions - I want to make my Holiday markets more profitable
  2. It’s early in 2016 and while new years’ resolutions to try something new is fresh in everyone’s mind, I thought I’d post some trends I’ve noticed taking off in 2015 that I think will continue through 2016 or may already be reaching their 'consumer-consumption-limit'. I really just wrote this for myself and started pinning and researching but then figured others might want to read this to. Noting of course that, as a disclaimer, I do not have a glass ball I have included one image for each 'trend' but you can find more on this Pinterest board. I know that some potters don’t follow trends but even you might find 'pinspiration' in the info below with the associated 'opportunity' thought. TREND: 'THINGS INSIDE POTS' In a fast-paced world, people (your customers) seem to need reminders of how to slow down and inject a little humour in their day. There has been an increase in putting things inside pots - like tea infusers shaped like people and any animal you can think of. There has also been increased 'improved function' versions of pots - like those with additional 'appendages' e.g. tea bag holders. Opportunity thought: How can you improve the usability of your existing product designs to solve a common customer issue? Octopus in mug - Click for source TREND: TEA ANYONE? When the whole family gets 'tea themed' products for Xmas, you know tea is a trend! For 2015 I got a special 'turn-it-upside-down-and-see-no-leak' teapot for cold tea with a custom selection of wild flavoured organic teas from a family member (and everyone got something tea-themed). People have extended on the previous year’s (and ongoing) ‘organic’ trend and rediscovering the natural remedies of teas and new combinations. Opportunity thought: how can you work with local suppliers and specialists of local goods to package your products with theirs to create symbiotic marketing and sales opportunities? People Resting Teabags - Click for Source TREND: CUSTOMISATION TURNS DIY OR EXCLUSIVE As anyone selling on Etsy knows selling customised products is big and isn't a new trend, however, the trend now leans towards two areas, at the opposite ends of scale: Packaging customisation in DIY products Taking customisation to 'exclusive' levels The first area is exemplified by products that you can make yourself – duh – but taking it to a whole new level in terms of the variety of products and services you can DIY. There are some great links and articles in the Pinterest board for this. The exclusive trend is an interesting one in terms of how might be applied to ceramics and pottery – unique and handmade pieces are obviously already quite exclusive in that there is usually limited production. However companies like Lee Jeans and Netflix took exclusivity to whole new levels in 2015 – in September 2015 Netflix created a gadget called “The Switch†“that automatically switches on the TV, launches Netflix, silences the phones, dims the lights and can even order takeoutâ€. They did not sell it though – they gave everyone the instructions on how to make it themselves! The exclusivity in this respect came from the skills required to make the object (software and hardware programming). Opportunity thought: Think about how you can ‘up the ante’ on providing DIY products or exclusive services to a targeted demographic. Personal Photo Temporary Tattoos - click for source TREND: 3D PRINTING ADOPTION ACCELERATES The 3D printing trend will continue to accelerate and become cheaper for anyone to produce with the technology starting to reach greater audience mass. In the technology world whenever a new technology is released, it tends to go through a typical adoption cycle (called the diffusion of innovations) – as an example, think of how much a desktop or laptop computer cost in the early 90’s (early adopter) compared to today (saturated market). Figure 1 –Diffusion of Innovations (source: Wikipedia, 2016) Note also that the timeline for technology adoption differs from country to country. Through 2015 3D printing sat in the first phase of the early adopters area however, with the dawn of 2016, as a society we are quickly moving towards the early majority adoption phase. I predict it will still be about 2-3 years though before we start seeing the transition into fully fledged mass production as big print and hardware companies (with the appropriate funds behind them to do the mass production research) ramp up new product teams and technologies. I think in 5 years' time you'll see 3d printers going for $1k-5k instead of $5k-30k they are now, with many more features, bigger sizes and much better reliability - it is a typical tech cycle. However in saying that, there are now companies who are printing clothes, 3d selfies (yes, really) and establishing startup 3D printing shops (for those of you ‘mature’ enough, think equivalent to Kodak photo processing shops prior to digital cameras). Opportunity thought: if you are interested in 3D production, do a 3D printing course - 3D CAD Modelling software skills are essential to using this hardware. Just remember before investing in 3d printing machines that the first iteration of any technology tends to be error prone and/or limited in features and expensive compared to what they will be down the road. TREND: HAND-DRAWN AND HANDMADE STYLE (in style, if not in reality) and ANIMALS This popular trend of the past couple of years doesn’t look like giving up anytime soon. However now the theme has morphed into mass manufacturing with the hand drawn element becoming a key element – often combining with other trends, especially tea, typography and animals. Related to the hand-drawn theme, animals are a central design figure in homeware product design. Gorgeous prints and handdrawn animals are popping up around the house, from pillows to dinner and drinkware to bedding. The use of animals ranges from intricate and detailed hand drawn realism, through to stylistic and conceptual. Opportunity thought: start a new trend! This one might have seen it’s days played out within the year with mass manufacturing splashing it everywhere. Handdrawn animals everywhere - click for source Would love to hear everyone else's comments and thoughts on 2016 trends - Happy 2016!
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