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Found 4 results

  1. I have an older kiln and i'm just learning how to use it. There are two switches on it that read "Low, Medium, High, Off". There is no indication which way initiates that temp.... idk if the top is what it does or the side. I need help... i'm worried I’m firing this thing wrong. The marks currently on ther are perm. marker and theres two so I'm not sure wich one is which.
  2. Hey Ceramiacs I've been reading about the topic on the net, and it seems that there are very different opinions on subject. I was wondering if someone had a more scientific approach to the matter. Some say that you should open at 130F, and I think that is a little strange because that means that if you make a cup, you have to mind the temperature of you coffee, and other hot things you may consume of you pottery. If you open the kiln at 150f and hear crackling, isn't that a coincidence. I mean if the kiln are outside and it is freezing, I see how it might play a role. But it
  3. I just got a little Firecraft P-1317 . There is no max temp anywhere on it and no documentation (only for the PerfectFire controller). It's a 240V, 20Amp, 17.5"W x 13.5"H. I have looked everywhere on the net for info. Does anyone here have an idea of what this kiln is rated for? I generally work ^6 stoneware and would like to use it for that. Any and all thoughts are greatly appreciated!
  4. Just a little bit of background since this is my first time posting. My daughter has been working in ceramics and pottery for over 10 years. I just took up the art form. We are long time Florida residents and this past week-end had a show in Crystal River, FL. A gentleman bought one of my pieces, and made comment that he hoped his wife would like it. Keep in mind that many people in Florida come down for the winter as snow birds, then head back up north for the summer. After we left the event, the gentleman called my cell phone and asked how my piece would handle -25 F temperatu
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