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Found 6 results

  1. Hey all. So when I bought my Shimpo wheel I also opted to get the large work table. I haven’t tried installing it until now and I can’t figure out how to do so without it either a)being in the way of the wheel handle or b)being in the way of the splash pan. The only thing I found online related to is it that is it supposed to be compatible with my splash pan (tan one with flat back piece to rest tools etc on) can anyone help me with this? I can’t seem to attach a picture...saying my file is too large.
  2. I'm looking for any advice on properly maintaining a pouring table and the slip in it. Any advice is welcomed! Thank you in advance.
  3. I have my kiln. I have my clay. Now all I need is a work table. My handy husband is going to build me one, but first I need some advice, please. What material should I make the top of the table out of? I plan to cover it with canvas, which I bought at a ceramics supply. Should I just use plywood? Beaverboard/high density fiberboard? Does anyone use plaster under their canvas, or would that dry out my clay too fast? For the time being, I also have to use my work table as my wedging surface because I don't have enough space for two tables. Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thought I'd pass this along in case anyone occasionally needs an extra studio "table". I love it when something really works out I was visiting a friend who refurbishes old cars and he had a stand he was using outside to put fenders, doors, etc. on to work on them. I immediately think "that would be great in my studio"! So I bought one and I'll have to say, it has become my new favorite piece of equipment in the studio. It holds up to 200 lbs, but is lightweight and can easily be moved from place to place. Remember TV trays? Works like that……I place two pieces of sheetrock on it for the 'table top' and it's good to go. Whether I'm creating or glazing, I place it nearby for a surface to place pieces on. When I don't need it, it easily folds up and is out of the way. And, it's inexpensive! I caught it on sale for $19.99 and had a 20% off coupon! I've also used it for spray painting …… then I put an old piece of plywood on top…..doesn't matter if it gets paint on it. It's from Harbor Freight and is called a "Portable Work Stand". The picture shows it as I was using it to put pieces I've glazed on…..waiting to be finished with majolica decoration.
  5. From the album: What I am up to

    One angle of my basement studio. It's not perfect but it works well.
  6. From the album: What I am up to

    Another view of my workspace. From this angle you can see the workbench that I built for my wife.
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