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Found 6 results

  1. Hi- Any thoughts on use of stilts vs cookies for firing 06-04 glazed earthenware ? Have seen both recommended. Cookies seem a bit easier as no grinding off points, but stilts seem recommended much more often. This is my first kiln, so not sure which direction to go. As I am new at kiln work, don't want to ruin any shelves! THanks for any input. Barbara
  2. Hello everyone I've searched through the forum but didn't find the answer to my question: If I want to make handbuild plates (so they wouldn't have any foot) and then want to glaze them top and bottom, can I use any kind of stilt to prevent the plate from wrapping? The plates would be made with stoneware fired between cone 8 and 10. I red about plate setters but that means the plate can't be glazed underneath, right? Is there any way to support the plate even though it's glazed? I know for low fire we can use metallic stilts but I wonder if they would wrap at such high temperatures. A
  3. From the album: Gas Kiln

    I put these shelves in with some extra space so the flames can flow through a bit easier.
  4. I read somewhere not to use stilts with porcelain (high fire) as the wire will meld into the body...but no instruction as to what to use instead (alumina sand??) What are some other ways to keep the glazed pieces off the shelf? Thanks in advance
  5. I have been thinking about making my own kiln stilts on a large scale for low fired ware. Roselli uses molds and slip casts their stilts, I am fairly sure. Is there a benefit to this method? I was thinking about extruding mine and cutting them down to size. I cant see a downside; faster turnaround time, less initial time spent in preparation, no need to keep large quantities of slip or molds laying around, etc.. Am I missing something though? I've never made my own stilts or even used them, though I understand the premise. Any insight is much appreciated.
  6. I have about 30 skinny handle tea spoons that I'd to glaze and fire at cone 6 electric and are looking for suggestions on what to do so I can glaze the spoon in its entirety with out it sticking to the kiln shelf. I bought lots of the smallest size stilts that could work for the spoon part but the handle is so skinny that I fear it will slide off of a stilt with the shrinkage. my next thought was to try wadding but that would just fuse to the glaze right? Hoping for a solution but if not maybe in the future I'll try putting a hole in the handle and hanging them from wire. If the wadding i
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