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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, Currently I work with mid-fire slip and glaze my work 'traditionally' to achieve quite muted, natural tones. I'm thinking about making some wares that I want to be BRIGHT and flat in colour - like popping, primary colours. I'm wondering what the best way to achieve this level of colour would be? In my experience using stains in glazes never seems to achieve the flatness I'm after. I would suspect a coloured slip might be the answer but again using stains only seems to result in pastels - what is the average ratio of stain to slip to achieve a full bodied
  2. I once had access to a black oxide stain that fired to a true jet black in cone 10 reduction (college classes). At my current membership studio, their "black" oxide stain actually fires to darkish brown in their cone 10 reduction firings. I don't know what their formula is, but I assume they just mix black iron oxide and water. I also don't know any details of their firing methodology as far as temps, ramping schedule, or amount of reduction. Can anyone provide, or point to, a black oxide stain recipe that they know from experience is reliably (as close as possible to) true-black for this
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