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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone, I’m a newbie here, my first post. I’m trying to find out how to make fully glazed spoons/salad servers. The best solution I can find at the moment are some stilts with metal pins from Scarva. Hopefully they would just leave small pinprick marks in glaze? I’m handbuilding in stoneware clay, planning to fire to 1240C. I’ve noticed that many spoons have been made with holes for hanging, but I gather that niochrome wire (sp?) would slump, under the weight? if I can’t find a solution for glazing fully I guess I’ll just glaze the spoons partially. Most of them I’ve inlaid slip patterns partially. Thanks for reading my query.
  2. I am wanting to try and make sets of measuring spoons. I figured I would use a manufactured set as size references when creating them, but I am not sure how to account for shrinkage in the kiln. Never having made something that needs to have an exact (or close) size I am wondering if its that big of a deal and something that needs to be taken into account or if I should just say 'whatever, I'm sure they will be close enough'. Anyone have any thoughts, ideas, tips, from experience??
  3. I have about 30 skinny handle tea spoons that I'd to glaze and fire at cone 6 electric and are looking for suggestions on what to do so I can glaze the spoon in its entirety with out it sticking to the kiln shelf. I bought lots of the smallest size stilts that could work for the spoon part but the handle is so skinny that I fear it will slide off of a stilt with the shrinkage. my next thought was to try wadding but that would just fuse to the glaze right? Hoping for a solution but if not maybe in the future I'll try putting a hole in the handle and hanging them from wire. If the wadding idea isn't totally awful, I'd also appreciate a recipe! Thanks in advance, Christina
  4. I made a honey dipper and a spoon, each for the first time, but I don't know how to glaze fire them. I've seen pictures of stoneware spoons and ladles online, and the pictures don't show holes (from hanging on a jewelry rack, for instance), so how are they fired? Is it simple and I'm just brain-tired? I think I have "potter's block" anyway, if there is such a thing. Haven't been able to work up much enthusiasm in almost a month. Maybe knowing how to make some spoons would get me started again.
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