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Found 3 results

  1. I've had an RK3E for a couple of months now. The two-piece splash pan is serviceable, but it fills up quickly and it's a bit of a bore to have to empty it with a sponge or separate it regularly to clean it out. Shimpo are now selling one piece, larger, round splash pan. It has drain holes in it. Unlike the two piece, it looks like you have to remove the wheelhead to fit this model. I wondered if anyone here has one and what they think of it; I'm wondering if it perhaps pushes the potter a too far from the wheelhead to be comfortable. It's also very expensive for a round piece of plastic - it's almost £80 here in the UK. https://www.sheffield-pottery.com/Shimpo-Pottery-Wheel-Splash-Pans-s/366.htm
  2. Hi Was hoping for some guidance. I bought a used wheel shampoo 21. The 2 piece splash pan leaked , I replaced it, while not leaking as much there is still water coming out. Never had a splash pan leak before. Any ideas/suggestions? The wheel works great. thanks for your help. i
  3. Hi, I wonder if anyone can help? I bought an old Brent model B from eBay and I can't figure out the splashpan. I have only used 1 piece splashpans at evening class and this is my first wheel for home. I followed the online videos. They clip together okay, but the side walls don't connect together and leave a small gap that water will fall through. Are they mismatched parts? Is this how they should look? I emailed Amaco and they said that this is the correct part. Then I got another email from them saying 'The splash pan is correct but it does look like one of the edges may have been cut back as they are supposed to meet flush'. Any tips? Could I just cover the gap with gap with duct tape for now? I am in England and new splashpans for the Brent are difficult to get hold of and expensive. I am reasonably new to ceramics and really love the forums for all the many helpful tips. Thanks, Laurence
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