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Found 3 results

  1. My Skutt kiln has been in storage for the last 6 years because we were living in an apartment and I had no way to work in clay there. A year ago we bought a house with a back yard shed just big enough for me to make it into a studio. A couple of weeks ago my son brought the Skutt kiln home and set it up on the patio. I had enough pieces ready to fire. I loaded the kiln and set it for a cone 5, medium speed and a 10 minute hold. The last time I went out and checked the kiln it was at 1675 F degrees. Everything was doing fine and the rate of climbing degrees seemed to be right on schedul
  2. Hi, all. This seems like a silly question but I can't seem to find an answer anywhere. I have just completed the first test firing of my new Skutt kiln, which was great. At the end, the kilnmaster display told me the firing time, the temperature inside - all good. I pressed "stop," and now the display is cycling between "Idle" and the inside temperature. What next? How do I turn the kiln fully off until I use it next? Is there some sort of "sleep mode" so the display doesn't continue flashing a display 24 hours a day? Should I unplug it (I expect to use it somewhere between once a week a
  3. I am new to teaching art and using a kiln. The school that I am currently working for has had their Skutt kiln plugged into an inadequately wired power source for a number of years and have been running it this way. On my second load of the quarter the kiln fried the power outlet. This caused the load in the kiln to not be completely fired (it's more of a grayish white in color.) It took a week for the electrician to repair and properly wire everything. I have since fired a new load with success. I have been using a cone 03 for my first firing. Can the pieces that were misfired be refired? If
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