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Found 2 results

  1. My Skutt kiln has been in storage for the last 6 years because we were living in an apartment and I had no way to work in clay there. A year ago we bought a house with a back yard shed just big enough for me to make it into a studio. A couple of weeks ago my son brought the Skutt kiln home and set it up on the patio. I had enough pieces ready to fire. I loaded the kiln and set it for a cone 5, medium speed and a 10 minute hold. The last time I went out and checked the kiln it was at 1675 F degrees. Everything was doing fine and the rate of climbing degrees seemed to be right on schedule. This morning when the kiln was opened. We found a not so pretty site. The top shelf had sagged in the middle which allowed pieces to go to the middle as well and to join up with other pieces. The next shelf down had the cone 5 orten cone pack. The cone five orten cone had melted down into a puddle. completely flat. As we unloaded the kiln we found two more kiln shelves that were really sagging in the middle. The kiln also has several messages flashing on the screen, error 6, error 17, and the word fail, along with another number and letter one. All four of the kiln shelves were badly warped. The kiln had seriously overly fired. Most of the pieces were attached to other pieces, some possibly can be salvaged but most were a lost cause. Is there anyway to salvaged the warped shelves? I know I should have checked on it more often and kept checking through the night. But I fell asleep in the recliner and didn't wake up until after the kiln had stopped rising in temp and was in fact going down. It was then around 400 degrees. Still too hot to open. I had an appointment to get a surgical implant in my back so it wasn't until later in the evening before we could open the kiln. Any advice on how to save the kiln shelves and \or why the kiln over fired this time. This kiln has been a very reliable kiln before it was put into storage. I did vacuum the kiln before firing. I left the peeps out and cracked the lid for the first 300 degrees. I then put in 3 of the peeps and closed the kiln lid leaving one peep open for the rest of the firing. . Any ideas for why this happened and/or how to fix it. would be very appreciated. Thank you all.
  2. Hi, all. This seems like a silly question but I can't seem to find an answer anywhere. I have just completed the first test firing of my new Skutt kiln, which was great. At the end, the kilnmaster display told me the firing time, the temperature inside - all good. I pressed "stop," and now the display is cycling between "Idle" and the inside temperature. What next? How do I turn the kiln fully off until I use it next? Is there some sort of "sleep mode" so the display doesn't continue flashing a display 24 hours a day? Should I unplug it (I expect to use it somewhere between once a week and once a month)? The manual does not seem to have any information about turning the kiln off or best practices for storage. Thank you!
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