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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all! I have been working with ceramics for about a year and half. I live in a basement studio apartment with an open floor plan and when I began my ceramics journey I converted my living room space into a small workspace. I'd always known that the dust was a danger so have always kept things pretty clean, especially since its also my living space. But being that I sleep just feet away I'm suddenly very concerned about the dangers of even a bit of dust floating around. And while I keep things clean, I'm not perfect, I've had pretty dusty towels sitting in buckets and on tables, and have not always been great about wiping down my work table after long sessions. There have been a few times where I sanded down tiny stilt marks indoors without a mask, I know, really bad. So I guess what I'm asking is, one- how much danger if any do you think I'm already in, and two- should I stop doing ceramics at home all together? Please let me know your thoughts as I am a bit of a hypochondriac and freaking out. Thanks!
  2. I'm brand new to the group, so feel free to point out any failure on my part to follow group etiquette. I've been a ceramics guy for about 30 years. Wheel thrown work and slab work. I've recently come down with concerning physical symptoms which may be due to "iron overload" in my system. It can affect the liver and cause many downstream problems...joints, heart, etc. Naturally, I am on alert for sources of excess iron. I was looking at dietary iron, but then, as I was preparing to sit down and throw recently, I stopped in my tracks as I thought about the iron in my clay body. Wet hands in a slurry containing some portion of iron for hours at a time. Does anyone have knowledge of absorbability of iron through intact skin?
  3. I'm having a hard time finding a speckled clay without manganese. Anyone have any suggestions? I've searched the SDS sheets of Standard Ceramic, Laguna, Minnesota clay co and Amaco. The best I can tell is that Amaco may not use it in their 480M and 48M with grog but their SDS sheets don't seem to list all the ingredients so I'm skeptical. I can't tell from this list (below) what would be causing the blooming speckles? It also seems like they are only listing the top 5 ingredients by weight. Hydrated Aluminium Silicate 10-30% HYDROUS ALUMINIUM SILICATE 10-30% Fireclay 10-30% Hydrous Aluminium Silicate 10-30% silica 5-10% Anyone have any recommendations for a safer speckled clay? Or does that not exist? AMACO 480M STONEWARE W-O GROG - SDS4882.pdf
  4. Hi All, I work in the same room as our kiln and my husband and I are hoping to be pregnant soon so I'm looking into every possible way to reduce hazards in the studio. Controlling what materials I use is an easy fix but preventing toxic gases from leaking out of the kiln is my biggest concern (even if most firings take place overnight when I'm not around). Our kiln is already equipped with a downdraft vent but I wonder if it is as effective as an overhead hood vent? Is it overkill to do both at once? Would running both at the same time work against each other? Does it change the kiln atmosphere to run both at the same time? Anyone have experience running both at the same time? I've also read that in order to run the hood vent the kiln lid needs to be cracked? Doesn't that defeat the purpose a bit? Any advice on what is safest is greatly appreciated! Thank you! Angela
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