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Found 3 results

  1. Any one used the above glaze. It has an addition of 10 rutile in it which seems a lot. Custer Feld 43 Gerstley bor 18 Kaolin 5 Whiting 2 Dolomite. 6 Silica. 18 Zinc oxide. 8 + Rutile 10
  2. Hello: During my recent glaze firing I had an experience that I've never seen before in that my glaze looks like it's separated from my work. However, it seems to be a little more complicated in that the glaze is all over my shelves (Ugh. I know). I've attached a picture of a piece from this firing so you can see what I mean. Some piece are worse than others. The glaze that was used is this: https://www.amaco.com/products/glaze-pc-20-blue-rutile The Clay in use is this: http://www.lagunaclay.com/clays/western/wc379.php The ware was fully bisque fired prior to the glaze firing, and the glaze firing went to cone 6. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!!
  3. From the album: Ceramics Fall 2016

    Moonlight glaze with cobalt splatter ^6 ox on bone white clay.This was one of the first mugs I made this semester. I have gotten some great feed-back regarding smoothing the lip, foot, and handle. This was an experiment that did not produce the results I was looking for, I had splattered cobalt stain on top of the moonlight (that I later found out had cobalt in it) and the resulting texture is very subtle. I probably will not stick with this glaze, it looked better on the test tile... :rolls eyes:
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