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Found 4 results

  1. I got such good responses from the CAC (ceramic arts community) that I thought I would pose another question and possible solution for those dealing with rust and corrosion specifically from salty, ocean air. Being by the ocean is beautiful but it is true that pretty much everything metal rusts and is subject to corrosion. I am hoping not to have to abandon my dream of having my own kiln (and instead continue to let the community kiln owner deal with ongoing salt air challenges and added maintenance costs. ) But part of the reason I want my own kiln is because the community kiln has been giving wildly different results and has been over firing. I have been reading the forums and see that a rule of thumb is for a kiln firing to cone 6 in "normal" conditions gets about 100 firings before the elements need replacing. Now I am figuring that a kiln operating 100 meters from the ocean would not fare so well. It is my practice to cover electronics, to use absorbent materials like silica packs and kitty litter to deal with excess moisture in the air and this helps a lot. Recently I discovered that floor paste wax can do wonders to protect metal surfaces and retard the rusting process. Obviously this is not viable on most components of the kiln, but whatever suggestions any of you have for prolonging the useful life of my-hope-to-be-kiln are most welcome.
  2. Hi everyone, My wheel head (second hand) has rust on it and the center circles are starting to disappear. How can I fix it? Thanks
  3. Wondering if any of you have experienced corrosion/rust of metal objects in your kiln space. My kiln is set up with a bottom mounted vent in a climate controlled studio that has a consistent humidity of about 50%, but I'm experiencing corrosion of my paper cutter, triple beam balance, and several other metal pieces. I'm a little concerned that something caustic in the kiln's off-gassings is causing this and that I'm breathing this same air. I'd appreciate your input.
  4. Hi I am struggling to find a stoneware glaze - either a recipe or a commercial one - that would recreate the rusty terracotta seen in the picture attached. Preferably cone 6. I was wondering if anyone here could help. Many thanks.
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