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Found 1 result

  1. Again folks, there was nothing new in the QotW pool of questions so this one is again on me. I just did tools under $100 dollars, now I am going to go in a different direction. . . . What kitchen tools have you repurposed, is there such a word, for use in your Ceramics studio? I have found several tools that were kitchen items that I now use either because I have seen something about using the item, or because I was looking for something and found something else. . . make sense? I will start with cheese cutters and cutting wires used to replace their broken wires. I love these for faceting pots, mugs, bowls, jars, vases, and other things where I want a faceted exterior. I usually facet before the shaping so that the facets become much more muted, and the edges a little softer. At the same time shaping will cause the facets to move in a spiral up the piece if you torque the top a bit while working on the rim and neck. Often these are really nice with glaze as the edges will break well with the standard cone 6 glazes out there, double dipping often even more so. Working with the cheese cutter, caused me to consider another tool for chalice stems. . . the potato peeler. I have found that faceting the stems of my chalice is so much easier and really cool to facet part of the stem as it makes it easier to grip. Lately, I have been using a silicone hot pad that has a hexagonal pattern n the surface that is quite deep, at the same time there is a counter point of a circle and rounded edges on the square pad. All of these allow for a lot of playing around with straights circular and hex patterns pressed into the pot before shaping again. Love it, and it works really well with a roller I picked up of pine branches, needles and cones. Most of you probably have the portable drink blender in the studio for mixing up glazes, I use it to mix nice slips with stain coloring, and small batches of glazes that I have modified with extra metallic oxides for something to be sprayed on. I also have a series of kitchen knives that I have files to change the shape, and sharpened to use as fettling knives or potter's knives. What recycled or repurposed tool do you prize in the studio? More than one? best, Pres
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