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Found 4 results

  1. Just a quick question about re-firing work. I wasn't happy with some details around a logo that I carved in to my pieces so I've fixed them with glaze (and also filled a few pinholes) - my question is whether or not I need to be as meticulous about dust and fingerprints on these like you do with glaze on bisque. I had to hold them firmly and work slowly to fix my glaze errors from the past firing. I'm feeling like that stuff (oil from my hands, dust) will burn off before the glaze melts again since its technically laying over top of a hardened/fired glaze and not absorbing into un-fired glaze... thoughts? Thanks so much, friends!
  2. Hi everyone, I recently fired a gas kiln but there was very poor reduction and my pieces (with a celadon glaze) came out oxidised. Would it work to refire these same pieces in a fully-functioning gas kiln? Is there any reason the might not reduce as they have already been high-fired? Thank you!
  3. At a recent group wood firing in an Anagama, the middle and back (front being nearer the fire) pots were fired cooler as the flow wasn't good past the front. The result was very dry surfaces, less glaze melt, and ash deposits that didn't melt fully. Several of my pots suffered these deficiencies. I won't have access to the Anagama until Spring 2018, so I am assessing whether refiring in an electric kiln to Cone 6 would help my situation. I would like to have these pots for sale in the upcoming holiday season, So...does anyone have experience they can share on how wood fired pots do in an electric refire? My "worst" offenders have Oribe glaze that is a light pink, instead of the typical green. Several pots have small, but very dry ash deposits. I am thinking a Cone 6 electric refire may melt and oxidize the Oribe, and possibly melt the ash. The pyrometer in the middle never got above 2143 F, and then only for a short period. What do you think? Worth trying, or wait until Spring? Thanks for your help. John Lowes Wynhill Pottery LLC Buford, Georgia, USA
  4. Hi, do any of you know if you can refire saggar? My kiln shut down twice during the fire and the second time it did not reach 800 deg C so the colours did not form, and I was wondering if I refire again with the same oxides whether they would take. Thanks in advance. Have a good weekend. Andrea
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