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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everybody, I have been asked to make 2+ 25 gal terracotta pots for wine fermentation by the end of August. I have been researching Qvevri and other vessels, but actual detailed information has been hard to find. I have a terracotta clay I thinks should work, and an electric kiln I believe I can fit the pots into. I plan to fire at a cone 06, the walls will be about 1.25" thick. I plan to build them using coils. My main concern is, if I manage to build appropriate vessels, how can I dry them in time for firing. If anyone has any advice or information for any of this project, I would be very grateful. Thanks to everyone for their wisdom and willingness to share. Sincerely,
  2. Hello my friends I'm back. My last beautiful pot, well the puppy pulled the rag out of the pedal, pounced on the pedal and that pot actually clocked me on the head. At least I have an excuse now for any brain issues. I sold my other three pots and they are fermenting wine as we speak, they held 3.5, 5 and 17 gallons. I have the next year to actually learn and make something to be proud of. Thanks for all your help. I have now been asked to design a mobile gas kiln to be carried about in a 20' container that would fire eight 50+ gallon qvevri or 4 larger ones at least to bisque. Of course I have never built a kiln before. I imagine the greatest problem is to keep the kiln from grinding itself to death on the road, and of course keeping it down to a doable weight. I was thinking about building walls that could be assembled on site, then I saw John Britt's kiln made from refractory cement and I wondered if it might be the solution. He gave me some suggestions, but I would really love to hear from you guys The person requesting the kiln design is looking for someone who wants to move to his place outside of Austin, TX, to run a studio and a really, really big kiln he plans to build. See The Qvevri Project. Is there a more appropriate place to post this information? Thanks again, You guys make my day. N
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