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Found 5 results

  1. I am having trouble with Amaco's Potters Choice glazes crawling when layered. I have used them for years and have never had a problem until about a year ago. The issue is specifically when layering the potters choice glazes in dipping form. The Brushing bottles are fine, I have not problem with them. At first I thought it was my students application or the thickness of the glaze. But after endless test I can not figure out what is going on. I called Amaco and they said they were aware of the problem and were working on it. But the only suggestions they had were to stop layering them, only buy brushing bottles and using distilled water. I need these glazes to work in dipping form for my students. I have used distilled water, it does not make a difference. I have thinned down the glaze, doesn't help. I have tried applying the glaze with time drying in between each layer and also dipping them one right after the other, doesn't help. Does anyone have suggestions? Thank you.
  2. Hello! New potter here and I am trying to always start in the right direction and make sure everything I make is responsible and safe for anyone who I give or hopefully sell my pottery too one day. I have ordered a few of the pint sized potter's choice glazes for layering a few cups and bowls I was going to make for my own personal use. However I have been studying up on these forums and reading through all of the FAQ and I realized that just because they are AP safety rating and dinnerware safe doesn't mean once I layer them they still will be. In fact AMACO even states: At the time when I ordered these glazes I missed that message nicely placed at the bottom of their website under all the benefits of their safe glazes. However I did make sure I bought all AP safety rating glazes as I have a 3.5 year old around and even though hes a smart guy, you never know what kids are going to do, much less his friends. My question is, has anyone used some combination of the potter's choice glazes that are listed here: http://www.amaco.com/amaco-glazes-information/layering-potters-choice-glazes/ and have had them sent off for testing? Is it even possible for us to list what we have done here and be confident that we are producing safe pots for our own personal use? And if so would we be able to use for this thread is to list glaze combinations that we have sent off for testing before we make some plates/cups/bowls for our personal household use. I was hoping that I could list the bisque firing, clay type, glazes used, # of layers, layering order, and glaze firing schedule for future people who use the same glaze choices as I have decided too. I am almost regretting my decision to buy potters choice glazes now, because I don't feel like I can safely use them without sending each combination I have made off for testing. I don't particularly care for some the base colors of the glaze as much as I do the combination effects. For now I am thinking I might just end up using the celebration glazes in single layers while I have some sample cups sent off for safety testing. I know a lot of people make their own glazes and know that their combinations after making them have been safety approved. As a new potter I haven't moved on to creating my own glazes yet. Although now it seems like I need to invest in purchasing "Mastering Cone 6 Glazes", and start creating my own as soon as possible. Hope this all makes sense, and I hope that others have had some experience with this to give me some insights into what I might be up against? Thanks Joe
  3. From the album: My pottery

    This bowl was fired at cone 4 and brushed with 2 coats of Potter's Choice glazes Blue Rutile (inside) & Ancient Jasper (outside) to cone 06 in a reduction kiln.

    © 2013 Deutmeyer Pottery

  4. From the album: My pottery

    This bowl was fired at cone 4 and glazed with Potter's Choice glazes Tourmoline & Iron Lustre to cone 06 in a reduction kiln.

    © 2013 Deutmeyer Pottery

  5. From the album: My pottery

    This bowl was fired at cone 4 and glazed with Potter's Choice glazes Tourmoline & Iron Lustre to cone 06 in a reduction kiln.

    © 2013 Deutmeyer Pottery

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