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Found 5 results

  1. Hello I was hoping for any help on the trimming of pinch pots on the wheel, I met another Potter at my local studio who does this and she offered to show me but we keep missing each other. Do any of you know how to do this and what kind of specific equipment or tool do I need? A plaster or bisque slump mould? What kind of bat system do you need?
  2. The Question of the week this week comes from RonSa. I chose this particular question for its humorous title lightening things up a bit. So RonSa asks: Do you like Innies or Outies? Do you prefer a lid that fits in the galley or expand over the galley? I find that I make the lid to fit the function of the form. When throwing a casserole, I like the lid to fit over the top rim of the base with a flange on the lid that fits inside of the rim. Teapots in much the same way, but I have done several where a shelf inset into the rim of the pot would allow the lid to set down into pot hiding the join, and completing the form. Often this is not needed, but some really rounded forms, this allows the illusion of completely round. My problem with most shelf type opening is the extra cleaning that it takes to clean the area of something like baked on macaroni and cheese, or the amount of space the shelf take out of the opening, as in a teapot opening where the shelf may limit the cleaning area to reach the inside of the pot without a bottle brush. I have found that of late I am using a flared rim on bowls to allow easy handling. My wife has been using these for baking macaroni and cheese and other things in the oven, and finds the flared rims make it easy to lift the bowl out of the oven when using mitts. I have been considering casseroles that use the flared rim instead of handles, and how I would make a lid for on such an item. Any idea yet to be harvested. So answer the question, and have a little chuckle as you consider the implications of Innies and Outies. best, Pres
  3. Hi - I am fairly new to clay and love it. I have been doing it for about a year now and am improving day by day. But I'm dying to know, experienced potters, what do I do with all of these early pots?! My cabinets are full, I'm running out of friends to give them to, and frankly, they are wonky and lead heavy and I don't even want to keep them! But throwing them away just seems wasteful. Looking into the future, I know I will make hundreds more of these as I work to get better and better. Suggestions?? What did you do with all of your early, crappy works? Thanks! - Anita
  4. I thought you might enjoy this video: Pot makers from Vitoria, ES - Brazil Laerte J Silva
  5. Come to my pottery sale this December 7-8th in Shoreview, MN! The first 10 people to make a purchase win a free pot! And of course there will be treats galore! See you there!
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