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Found 1 result

  1. This will be a question of my own. It has come up before, but I think it is appropriate to revisit studios from time to time to let people know where you do what you do. In 1973 after graduating from college, I moved to Central, PA to join my new wife. We had the standard small apartments, had a child, and then another and apartments did not suit us much anymore. My studio came with a starter home we purchased in 1989. The house used to be an old parsonage, double the size it is now, as when the church renovated, they cut the house in 1/2 and we live in the section that was left. It used to have a carriage house out back, as we found foundations for it. The house was built in 1897. My studio is in the garage that came with the house. Brick, uninsulated, in an area that hardly ever gets sun except in Summer later in the day. Funny thing is, there is a river running underneath the garage, and a drain that I believe goes direct to the river so I don't use it. Needless to say the Winter time in there is severe, thus very little pottery. The cay is stored outside under our two sea kayaks under a heavy tied down tarp. In the Winter months depending, the clay is frozen much of the Winter. This year just thawed two weeks ago. The floor in the studio slopes enough that in some areas I have 3/4" shims to level workbench, shelving, kilns, and the wheel. In the Summer the temps stay cooler than outside, and if working early in the day can be chilly at times. This week, first week of April, the shop has been 48F. with An electric heater on all 24 hrs. I am trying to get Communion sets ready to mail out. So that is my where, and to show an older picture, it pretty much looks the same. So WHERE do you do your Ceramic thing?
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