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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Must be beginners luck ....... Second unsuccessful firing .These are thin porcelaine slabs .That I coated with three layers of underglaze. And fired to 1240 degs .Some came out okay and others had these blister effects Any thoughts would be appreciated Thank you Nicky
  2. its taken me over one year to get to my 1st pot after being out of pottery for 11 years the stone next to the porceal test is brownstone from wisconsin and is the same stone used to make the james J hill house . It was a popular stone from the 1800s i used it at 32% in the porcealinbody . along with 24 feldspar and 50% kaolin
  3. I decided to use just three ingredients to make a porcelain. 1st ingredient is T-6 kaolin , the second is Mahivari feldspar, and the 3rd is a sandstone from lake superior, called the CHEQUAMEGON SANDSTONE which is very nice in the sense that it is fine grained, and has some Iron in it but otherwise very clean that is in the picture the red stuff. I had to break it down with a hammer and crush it and milled it in the ball mill to = 200 mesh- Now i was expecting to have trouble throwing it and thought it would slump when throwing but to my surprise it threw like a dream and it has no bento
  4. I have been making porcelain, and i was using regular bentonite, and noticed dark specks in the clay after firing , wo i decided to mix three grams up in to one cup of water and stir it for three days off and on but what i found out was after i poorer it into my clay test all the heavy junk settled and never made it into my clay body- so now i know this stuff is not so refined not that it can't do the job, I am just going to have to wash it real thin and let the junk settle you can see the black grit in the bottom of the cup
  5. I am trying to make , sung celadons, and need bout 1% to 2% iron in the body. but i do not want to see specks i remember using red iron oxide and it left specks, I am leaning toward black iron oxide, < 1 micron or yellow ocher any advise would be nice
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