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Found 2 results

  1. So I was having a discussion with a friend about planters for outside. Is there any benefit of firing cone 6 clays for planters. Or is it more cost effective to fire lowfire clays for planters outside, the kind people don't have to bring in for the winter. Cause I am thinking about making some planters for myself and some friends for a house warming present, and I was wondering if I should do it in a low fire clay, or if I should do it to cone 6. Anyone have any advice for this. The other big thing is I already have cone 6 glazes for the outside of the planter pots. So thats one bonus for cone 6. But I mean efficiency wise, if I was going to make a lot of these to sell in the future would it be smart to make them cone 6, or would you be better off using earthenware? Thanks as always. Looking forward to the discussion.
  2. Hi guys, Quick questions about porcelain- I'm making some small vessels from slip cast porcelain, and really loving the soft matte look they get after being fired to bisque (1000celsius). Unfortunately when I fire to 1200celsius to finish them they get a rough sandy feel to them (feels like nails on a chalkboard) and lose the subtlely of colors/shrink etc. My main issue is the sandy surface and I'm wondering if there are any issues with selling little planters as bisque? Is this generally frowned upon? The bisque doesnt leak water as such but it kind of bleeds through a little in spots but i could make it thicker. OR- would it be better using another sort of clay that doesnt warp/shrink/and doesnt have that same rough texture? If so can someone recommend any? Plain earthenware? I would ideally like to make foodsafe versions eventually too which requires glaze obviously. Any help would be greatly appreciated, Jack
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