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Found 3 results

  1. I recently did my first experimental pit firing, most of my piece survived, but they are super smelly. I used a paste wax to buff and varnish the surface, but the smell is still intoxicatingly strong. Is there something that I can use or do to reduce the scent when they go into the gallery?
  2. Dear Community As everyone is self-isolating here in the UK, I'm encouraging my students and others to handbuild at home and I want to enable them to fire without a kiln in as simple a way as possible. It gets very frustrating for beginners to be unable to fire work and I want to maintain their enthusiasm. We are using the kurinuki method so that there will be no joints to break open. I know that there are some Japanese firing methods for low temp work using small containers but I can't find the videos again on You Tube. I've been trawling the internet but not come up with what I am looking for yet. Has anyone had any experience of ONCE firing at low temps using such a method? Or could you point me in the right direction to do more research? I am planning to do some tests myself using an old Weber barbecue with low firing crank and raku glazes and I appreciate that there might be a lot of failures but am keen to experiment. Thank you all so much
  3. The Cochise College Pitfire is a Ceramic Arts event held annually on the Douglas Campus. It is an evening of art, fun, and food with performers from around the region, the culinary arts students preparing soups, and family-friendly interactive arts activities all centered around a huge pit fire filled with ceramics. This is a free, public event. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Cochise College Pit Fire!! Once again, we are inviting Ceramic artists from around the globe to participate in the firing and exhibition. Artists are asked to submit by mail a bisque-fired piece of Ceramic ware “dressed†for pit firing. Boxes will be placed directly into the firing pit, unopened, and fired during the event on the evening of October 14, 2016. While dressing and packing your work for shipping, please remember to consider national and international material shipping restrictions and also firing safety. We ask that your cushioning material be something that will not only protect your work in transit, but also benefit the firing technique. Please avoid all plastics-based packing mediums, and concentrate on those that are safely combustible. We will place boxes in the pit with the mailing address facing up, so pack your work accordingly. Participants are asked to email a digital photo of their work to thompsonpfauv@cochise.edu with information including the artist’s name, location, media/type of clay, dressing materials, and any other pertinent information so that pieces may be identified correctly post-firing. We also ask that you include your mailing address in the digital materials so that we may send you a thank-you gift. Finished pieces will be photographed and placed in the Pit Fire Exhibition on the Cochise College Douglas campus gallery, as well as displays on the Sierra Vista campus. Invitational pieces will be auctioned off to benefit the Cochise College Art Department Fund. Digital photos of the finished work will be returned to each artist via email, as well as posted on the event website at http://www.pitfirefestival.com. You can also view the event on facebook at: https://www.facebook...PitFireFestival We ask that the college receive all pieces no later than Monday, October 10th. Boxes should be addressed to: Tate Rich – Pit Fire Invitational Cochise College Art Dept. 4190 West Hwy 80 Douglas, AZ. 85607 Participating artists and friends are welcome to attend the event in on the Cochise College campus in Douglas, AZ, on October 14, 2016, 5-9pm. For any questions or additional information, feel free to contact Virginia Pfau Thompson, at thompsonpfauv@cochise.edu, (520)525-3673 or Tate Rich at richt@cochise.edu, (520)417-4025. We look forward to your participation this event!
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