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Found 3 results

  1. From the album: Hyn Patty LLC

    Mini "Spinnaker" grade or pony gelding sculpture by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig and produced in earthenware ceramic, 3 inches tall. Custom glazed by Hyn Patty in 2006 to a chestnut tobiano sabino pinto. Sold a public auction for just under $2k at that time, resides in a private collection.

    © (c) 2006

  2. From the album: Hyn Patty LLC

    English fine bone china 'Loco Motion' sculpted by Chris Jolly and shown here in progress being custom glazed by Hyn Patty, 2021. Here the first layers of underlgaze have been airbrushed on, masking latex removed, and the overo pinto pattern all cleaned up and detailed for first firing. This piece was initially fired in my small Olympic Doll E kiln. As it is mounted on a base, the piece is stilted so that the base and the horse don't cool at different rates that may cause the legs to break if the base remained hotter too long. Mane and tail were claybody customized with earthenware added to bone china bisque before underglazing which is a very touchy process I won't go into here. I use a much larger kiln for other pieces or groups.

    © (c) 2021

  3. From the album: Hyn Patty LLC

    3.5 inch tall earthenware ceramic sculpted by Maureen Love and produced by Hagen Renaker. Custom glazed to liver chestnut sabino pinto by Hyn Patty, 2021. Underglaze, clear satin, glossed eyes and hooves, china paints. Claybody customized resculpting and repaired broken legs done in the kiln to the bisque before glazing. Shown here sticky mounted to base.

    © (c) 2021

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