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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I just unloaded a kiln load and noticed a substantial amount of pinging. My kiln is pretty much brand new (firing #3) and it reached cone 6. The pots are not crazed and hold water perfectly. The glaze seems to "fit" the clay and I see no glaze peeling. I have used both clay and glaze together before with no issues. I cracked the kiln around 300 F and opened it at 250 F. Hopefully, I can get an explanation.
  2. I've just taken a glaze firing out of the kiln - 1080oC (cone 04) transparent glaze on (mostly) a white earthenware clay. I can see that 2 pieces were in fact stoneware, which wasn't obvious after the bisque firing as my other pieces were white earthenware. The two stoneware bowls are pinging like mad and I can see the linear glaze cracks going round the bowls. The glaze can be pretty forgiving at higher temperatures and I'm wondering if these pieces might 'work' if refired to the clay's maturity temperature, or will the glaze fit always be a problem?
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