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Found 2 results

  1. Hi I'm wondering if anybody has a recipe for a cone 10 reduction copper red glaze (I'm talking oxblood or peach bloom, NOT flambé) that flashes electric blue? I hear that if you use a feldspar based glaze and use a feldspar that is high in potassium and low in sodium (usually its the other way around) that the glaze will tend to have these blue flashes more. If you know a good recipe and have tried it yourself what cone does it work best around? I know that these glazes don't do best at cone 10 but rather around 8-9, but I still wanna hear your experience. Also, I like to do a quick oxidation at the end of my firing in order to make the copper reds less muddy and dark. If you've had good results, how long do you do this oxidation for? Thanks, Hunter
  2. Hi everybody, Am Ahmad, a student from Oslo, Norway. I study Graphic art but am so interested in ceramics and I am pretty fascinated by Oxblood glaze. Last semester I produced a ceramic work that is 2.5 meter long, 1.6 high and weighs circa 1.5 ton in a shape of an ox. I want to glaze it with a deep red Oxblood but I never succeeded in finding one with less problems. My ceramic experience is not that rich yet so I would appreciate any help I get. I recently got a fine red color but the glaze ran off the sculpture and filled the oven. If anyone have any recommendation about a glaze that can give deep red tone and does not run off please contact me many thanks Ahmad ahmadumar@hotmail.co.uk
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