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Found 4 results

  1. From the album: "Lifestyle" Images for Online Selling

    Added the burlap placemat, changed the spoon, repositioned the tea bag tag. Kept the spoon and tea bag tag for scale.

    © Terry Buffington

  2. From the album: "Lifestyle" Images for Online Selling

    My 3rd attempt at a lifestyle image for my etsy shop and online selling. I added a burlap place mat instead of a tablecloth. The napkin blends well with the tones of the placemat as well as everything else in the image so kept the same color of that. I used orange sections instead of slices. Changed the silverware to more generic looking pieces. Added another light and reflector to fill in the side of the mug so the colors match the bowl and plate better. Cropped more of the table out of the back ground.

    © Terry Buffington

  3. Okay, so I want to turn my blog into a store. My blog is currently running Wordpress, and there is a comprehensive plugin for ecommerce called Woocommerce. The decision I need help with is choosing a credit card gateway. I could use Paypal, but I've read all manner of unpleasant stuff about using Paypal. The default is a Mastercard service called Simplify ecommerce. There are other gateways available, like Stripe. Other options include setting up a Shopify store and linking it to the blog. Does anyone have experience or opinions on this matter?
  4. In a recent thread we discussed the development of a personal style, and the value of looking at the work of other potters in developing ones own. I happened across a pretty nifty online resource recently, and thought I'd share it. The Smithsonian and the Freer Gallery are well worth a visit, but you can get an online fix here: http://collections.si.edu/search/index.htm I put in "song stoneware" Wow The images are very high resolution, and allow you to see many details not really available in books. I hope others will add some of their own favorite online resources for
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