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Found 4 results

  1. From the album: Hyn Patty LLC

    English fine bone china 'Loco Motion' sculpted by Chris Jolly and shown here in progress being custom glazed by Hyn Patty, 2021. Here the first layers of underlgaze have been airbrushed on, masking latex removed, and the overo pinto pattern all cleaned up and detailed for first firing. This piece was initially fired in my small Olympic Doll E kiln. As it is mounted on a base, the piece is stilted so that the base and the horse don't cool at different rates that may cause the legs to break if the base remained hotter too long. Mane and tail were claybody customized with earthenware added to bone china bisque before underglazing which is a very touchy process I won't go into here. I use a much larger kiln for other pieces or groups.

    © (c) 2021

  2. Hey there, I am new to using gas kilns and also have a new gas kiln (olympic dd9 to be specific). I am having a few issues to say the least... I cant seem to get past 1900 degrees and hold temperature... Ive only had 1 successful cone 5 firing and it barely pulled through... It feels liked ive tried everything, more air, less air, moe gas, less gas... I just dont know what else to do... or what exactly I should do to keep temperature and build it. I ramp perfectly but once it hits 1600/1700 it starts to dwindle.... My other issue is gas, The olmpic book/manual says I should onnly be using 10 gallons of propane per run?... but every run I do use my whole 22 gallon tank(100lb tank) or I dont have enough and it cute off... I know reading this it sounds like I am using too much gas but I dont think thats it. Please anyone with gas kiln experience I would love some advice
  3. I've been given a kiln. It is an Olympic with an LT-3K Sitter. My husband can replace the end plug. I will add photos. I would like to start off with simple bowls, cups and plates. I dont know if this is a good kiln or not. No local classes or studios to fire because canceled due to Covid. Any advice would be so appreciated. I dont know how to share my photos of the kiln. I dont know their URL.
  4. Hey! Some friends and I are in process of setting up a vintage 2327 Olympic kiln, if I'm reading the serial number correctly it was manufactured in the mid 1970's. We're all a bit new to the process and have never fired it before, and as we're in a very remote part of central Oregon, local resources & advice is many hours' drive away. I know it's not the ideal for a starter kiln but sometimes you do your best with what's available. The kiln has been in dry storage for fifteen years; prior to that, I don't know its history. The inside of the kiln appears free from mold or corrosion, the elements look good, the wiring appears in good condition and undamaged, but a few fire bricks are chipped around one of the rings. Is this a very serious problem or for a likely couple-times-a-year hobby use this machine will (hopefully) get, alright to leave as-is? Thanks very much!
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