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Found 2 results

  1. Hello! So I bought this Skutt Prodigy Wheel 2 years ago well used. When I brought it home and started using it, it was difficult for me to center and I thought it was possibly the wheel since I didn't really have centering issues on the school wheels I learned on. Pretty sure I made a thread about it when I first got it, but I can't remember and just made a new account. If I remember correctly, the only advice or input I received and the most common advice I've seen on similar threads has been essentially, get better at centering. So now it's 2 years later and it took some time but I have gotten used to the wheel and have been able to center on it for the last two years just fine. Sometimes it still seems a little more difficult than it should, especially with softer clays like porcelain. But overall I haven't had issues with getting my clay centered anymore. Fast forward to this Christmas, my dad bought me a Giffon Grip and I have been attempting to use it all morning. I got it onto the wheel head as evenly as possible , and now two major and obvious problems have come to my attention regarding the original concern of mine about my wheel head being "off". 1) the giffon grip seems to sink a bit on one side, as if the wheel itself is not level (not that that matters a ton for throwing) but it could be why it took me a while to figure out how to center on my wheel. 2) despite the giffon grip being completely even and set to the same measurement on all three set points, it looks very obviously off center. I tried shifting the splash pan to see if maybe it was off making things look off center, but this Prodigy wheel has a fixed/non-removable splash pan so it didn't budge. Basically, the Giffon grip seems to have exposed how strange my wheel head is. Not sure exactly what's wrong. My working theory is that the person who owned it before set something really heavy on it or something, so that it's been slightly wedged at an angle. When I first brought it home I wanted to take the wheel head off and double check everything, but it would not come off. I watched a few tutorials on how to take it off and nothing ever worked. Just looking for some insight! Thank you!
  2. Hello friends. I recently purchased a brand new Shimpo Whisper Quiet wheel from Clay King. I am newer to pottery so I don’t know much about wheel mechanics and all that. No matter what I do, I can’t get anything to center. There is ALWAYS a wobble. When I turn the wheel on, it almost sounds like the electricity is surging or something...it doesnt sound like it’s running completely smoothly. So I don’t know if it’s just me and I truly can’t center, if I’m not wedging the clay properly....or if it’s the wheel. At first I thought maybe my bats just weren’t tight enough so I tried throwing directly on the wheel head and I got the same result; a wobble. Even if I turn it on high speed with no clay I can hear a subtle “nuhnuhnuhnuhnuh” instead of one smooth ‘swooshing’ sound. What should I do? I imagine this can be easily fixed by tightening something. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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