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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I have purchased a second hand Potclays 39 Silver Kiln. The kiln is around 20 years old but has only had light use. This is the first kiln I have ever owned so I have no experience to fall back on. The instruction manual suggests you do two test firings, so I thought I would do that to start with. The first test firing, to 750 degrees, was completely successfully, with the kiln reaching temperature in the estimated time range. I put the bungs in the three peep holes on the side of the kiln around 4 hours into the firing time and left the peep hole in the lid open. The second time I fired the kiln I attempted to fire to 1000 degrees. After 12 hours it was evident that the kiln was not going to reach this temperature, - it had got up to around 880 degrees according to the thermostat, but wasn't going any higher. I had 3 06 cones inside the kiln, none of which had bent over, so the thermostat doesn't appear to be reading too low. As with the first firing, I put the bungs in the side vents after around 4 hours. My question is - should I put a bung in the hole in the lid as well. 4 bungs are supplied and there are 4 peep holes if you include the one in the lid, so it would seem to make sense, however I am not sure if it would be correct to deprive the kiln of oxygen totally. I am sure that if I did put a bung in the lid peep hole, then the kiln would reach temperature. I apologise if I seem ignorant, but I am learning completely from scratch, everything is trial and error. I would be grateful for any advice. With thanks, Elaine
  2. I'm using a 1227 skutt 1980 kiln with sitter..its always been quite slow to fire. But, this is a first.. it have been on high for 48 hours and still not reached temperature. First- is that safe for it to be on for so long? Second it is hitting cone 5 but not cone 6. Its very close. My cone is starting to bend but its just not there. -also all elements, relays, and wiring are 100%. Is it ok to keep letting it run and hope it hits cone 6 in the next few hours or should i shut the kiln off since its been cone 5 for over 24 hours...?
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