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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, Introduction first. My name is Mara and I have my own Small metalwork studio and make jewelry with unusual things, including ancient beads. I had been In LOVE with the idea of ceramics and pottery since a child and now, for first time I decided that never is too late to start and bought my very first kiln, a firefly Paragon manual seemed less intimidating, and added to the purchase some clay and raku ready to start touching for first time the parcel of heaven that it means to me being able to create things with ceramics. Is so much beauty to create, so many things that can be done!!! SO much to Learn... The problem? I had never SEEN a kiln before except in pictures, never used one, I don't know any kiln user, so... I have Zero idea of what to do and in a binge search after decided to click the "pay here"button at the store where I got the kiln in a sudden moment of courage found this forum where I read simple, understandable, amazing information, the communication is fantastic and far for being the intimidating breed that is always to impress the other members with succulent words I realized in here everybody seems helpful and forgiving with extra beginners like me. I will be probably asking the silliest most obvious questions so, when that happens please remember I had never ever ever seen a kiln working, been in a pottery studio, do more than Play with the air dry clays with the burning desire to make it "real"solid. I would love any help, from what to do after the kiln arrives -My eyes are rectangular for watching way too many youtube videos trying to find a more visual answer- How it was the first time You fired a kiln? It arrives, -How big it as to be the room? It can be a small room? - Then, you set the wondrous new element far from the walls, check if inside all seems ok and connect to the outlet -mine seems to work with a regular household electric outlet- trying to understand what the manual says... But... What would You tell to somebody that will be standing in front of a kiln that has to be done in this very first experience? I found zero info about that, I guess because most people that get into this passion already had at least proximity with the process, seen somebody, something. Second silly question I found still No answer. I don't want to glaze the pieces -that will be small jewelry size-. re they already strong enough or the second firing with the glaze gives the pieces the desired strength? Yeah, I know... I'm in a below zero level, hey, But I want to learn, and I'm enthusiastic!!! Thanks in advance for the Patience and super thanks or the fluid way you all explain the processes. McRocks.
  2. Just setting up a little pottery studio at home and have bought a brand new kiln from Potclays. (I'm in UK.) The instructions are sadly inadequate and Potclays have not been very helpful so far. I wondered if someone here could help me more quickly as I'm keen to do my first test firing. They have sent me some 06 test cones. For the first test, they tell me to fire the kiln to take 5 hours to reach 750 degrees C. Once it reaches 700 (after 4 3/4 hours), they say I should check the cone at 15 minute intervals. They do not say what I am checking for. I have asked them but they have not given me a clear answer. For the second test, they say I should repeat the procedure but firing to 1000 degrees C. For this firing they say the cone should bend tip to base. What I don't understand is: if the cone bends right over at 1000 degrees C, what will the same cone do at 750 degrees C? I need to know what I'm checking for; otherwise there's no point in checking. Please help!
  3. Hi guys! I was wondering what websites are recommended to start with! Im going to make an etsy soon to sell but what kind of sites do you use and costs?? How do you feel about Facebook pages??
  4. Hello, all. I am REALLY wanting to buy my own kiln and have been researching, etc. I stumbled upon an ad at the community college of a kiln for sale, but I have a few questions. The specific kiln is the Duncan 1029-2 for $425 with shelves, stilts, etc. I live in an apartment, and from what I'm reading, kilns can require specific wiring. I'm thinking that if there are no options that I just plug in and go, this isn't a good idea right now. I'm looking to buy a house within the next year, and it may be something I have to wait on (because I'm not spending so much money to alter an apartment that I won't be staying in forever). My question about this is...will this kiln require special wiring/breakers? How do I know?
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