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Found 2 results

  1. Just got a brand new L&L E23S & getting ready to do the first 'test' fire. The manual recommends having kiln furniture in the kiln for this firing - but also says there should not be anything else (clay) so that there's nothing off-gassing that could affect the elements before they develop their oxide coating. (My previous kiln was acquired used, so did not have to do the initial element 'conditioning'.) I was going to kiln-wash my shelves (also new) so that the wash is fired on during the test-fire, instead of waiting to do it during my first bisque fire - but after reading th
  2. Hello! Ive been building a home studio and am at the stage where I would really like a kiln (thinking the Skate KM-1027) but feel out of my depth. The studio I currently fire at is wildly unpredictable and I frequently come out with things that are unsaleable or they dont make it out of the fire at all. Im in Los Angeles and would love a mentor of sorts who could help me with the process. Anyone in LA? thanks!
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