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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I am considering building a new kiln. I want to build a downdraft kiln, using the Minnesota Flat Top design from the book 21st Century kilns. I have natural gas at my house. I am wondering if there has been any research or experimentation in building a 2 chamber kiln, that would have a place for glaze ware, and a chamber for soda glaze ware, in the same kiln? I have only space for one kiln. I am so drawn to soda glazed ware, and would like to try this, but not having any experience in soda glazing, I am reluctant to "put all my eggs in one basket" so to speak. I have extensive experience (20+ years) doing cone 10 and cone 6 reduction ware...and think I could figure it out- but think it would be so much cooler, if I could have 2 chambers so I don't have to make the choice... Ideas and feedback needed! Thank you!! Pat Schultz
  2. From the album: Kilns designed/constructed by John Baymore

    A rear-fired natural gas downdraft kiln.

    © John Baymore - all rights reserved

  3. Hello, I have a 12 cubic foot updraft gas kiln, with 4 burners made by Contemporary Kilns about a hundred years ago...or at least 30. At any rate, I successfully fired this kiln with propane for the past 25 years that I have had it. Now being in the city, I am having to switch to natural gas. I talked to my local furnace supplier, and they contacted Ward Burners- found out that my propane orifices were size 50, and that I needed size 39 for natural gas. So they ordered them for me. I have installed them, explained to the gas company all the specifics of the burners- (80,000 BTUs / burner) and had a plumber come and put in gas line and regulators etc. So today we fired it up for the first time with natural gas... hmmm...very colorless flames that seemed bland. I used to only have the gas valve open just a bit with the propane, yet it was half open with the natural gas and still seemed not very serious... Ideas? Input? what am I doing wrong? Thank you for any ideas! Pat
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