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Found 2 results

  1. I just finished my senior year of high school, and I had done a lot of experimenting with slip casting at home (we didnt have the resources/time to do it at school). I kept my used slip in a few empty plastic coffee containers, and my fresh stuff in a large square plastic container. I hadnt been able to use my slip for about a month, but when i went to check on it there’s green stuff floating all around in it, which I think is mold. It’s a stoneware clay, and I kept my container out side, with a bag covering it, because I dont think the lid has an air tight seal on it. What should I do with this slip? Should i let it dry out if it’ll kill off the mold and just rework it after? Would mixing it or adding something help?
  2. I came across two bags of prehistoric clay in my studio (ok...basement) a few days ago. They were over in the corner, right under Jimmy Hoffa. Like Jimmy, the clay was cold and dry, and very stiff. I was able to cut it with a wire, barely, and the cross section revealed what appeared to be a 2-inch thick band of yellowish and blackish moldy looking clay. Yuck! I poked holes in the clay and fill them with water and let it set for several days. Tonight I tried to cut and slam the clay. Every time I cut the clay I would observe smears of black stuff that almost looked like charcoal, When I dug into where the smear ended, there would be a solid deposit of black stuff, kinda hard but I could rub it between my finger and thumb and break it up. The clay body is called "Spotted Owl", not because it's on the endangered species list, but presumably because of its spots. I'm thinking that exposure to this black mold ,may be endangering ME. Has anyone come across this level of mold in clay? I don't think I can wedge out the lumps of mold, and I think that is strange. Perhaps I'll just roll it into tiny balls and throw petri dishes. I didn't sign up for this when I became a novice wannabe potter. This is just sooooo unfair. ja
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