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Found 4 results

  1. Wondering if any of you have experienced corrosion/rust of metal objects in your kiln space. My kiln is set up with a bottom mounted vent in a climate controlled studio that has a consistent humidity of about 50%, but I'm experiencing corrosion of my paper cutter, triple beam balance, and several other metal pieces. I'm a little concerned that something caustic in the kiln's off-gassings is causing this and that I'm breathing this same air. I'd appreciate your input.
  2. Hi! I have an interesting problem. I'm making a mug, but I want it to look different from the traditional mugs. Inside the mug (where coffee would be), I want to embed a circular piece of aluminum on the wall. It would be a few inches from the bottom. The problem is: How can I attach it to the wall and still keep a smooth surface? I was thinking of having an indentation on the wall into which the aluminum piece would fit in. The problem is then how to make the surface between the ceramic wall and the aluminum as smooth as possible... normal silicon will be stained from the coffee... Optimally the transition from ceramic to aluminum cannot be felt by touch. You guys seem pretty experienced so I'm sure someone knows! -Harry the Potter
  3. Hi all, I just finished stripping the old elements out of two kilns. One kiln is getting new elements, the other is going to get a gas burner. Anyway, what do y'all do with your old kiln elements. I've thought of incorporating them into a multimedia object, or making springy yard art, pitching them,etc. What are your thoughts - think of this as a fun exercise Lee
  4. How can I add a metal rod or pipe to a ceramic sculpture after it is fired? Do I need to put holes inside my ceramic heads that I can glue the rods to? What is the most durable and common method? Thank you
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