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Found 2 results

  1. APPLY TO RAT CITY STUDIOSApplication Deadline - SpringCheck https://ratcitystudios.com/assistantship for most current informationThe application is online and requirements can be found with the link provided.Polish Your Professional Practices.This is a work-trade agreement. Assist Deb Schwartzkopf at Rat City Studios in exchange for studio space & guidance in a variety of topics involving succeeding as a professional artist, best studio practices, and clay working techniques. This is an opportunity to work with an active artist and to apply this information in a hands-on manner. Have one foot in the real world of supporting yourself and receive support from this vibrant community. Over time, take in the cycles and challenges of making a living as a working artist.I am looking for a two-three year commitment from applicants. This might seem like a long time, but the months will fly and the depth of learning will be high.What I Am Looking For:I want to work with individuals who are committed to their career in the ceramic arts. I'm looking for personal motivation and eagerness to learn. I need to be able to count on you to follow through at a high level and to consistently think of what would serve the RCS studio community. While the work you show me in the application is vital, above all I am looking for a good fit for my studio and a dedicated worker. I spend almost all my time here at the studio living and working. The mental space and energy I foster here support my ability to be successful and to work long hours. As an assistant, I ask that you respect the space and add as much as you can to our exchange. This includes striving forward with your own work, finishing the tasks given to you thoroughly (however small), and meeting deadlines. I’m looking for a person who wants to invest both in the community here and in their own personal growth. In my studio, I strive to balance long hours with a sense of humor, attention to detail with experimentation, & community with respect for privacy and personal growth.Ideal Candidate Qualities:Dedicated to your own Studio Practice- This assistantship is intended for those looking to grow in their own practice. Plan on spending a minimum of 2 days a week working towards your own goals and 1.5 days a week on assistant responsibilities to the studio. This makes having a day-job difficult. I expect you to be at the studio all the time.
  2. Call for Ceramic Artist’s Assistant For Deb Schwartzkopf and George Rodriguez Studio Location: 2410 SW 106th Street Seattle, WA 98146 Deadline for application February 1st, 5pm Please include in your application… Cover Letter: Stating your availability, why you are interested, and your goals 10 jpg images- small files please Artist statement & short biography- one page Resume- no longer than two pages You will receive and email confirmation and a reply through email by the end of January. Email your application to Deb Schwartzkopf at mail@debspottery.com Assistantship Overview: This is a work-trade agreement. You will be assisting Deb Schwartzkopf and George Rodriguez for 20 hours a week. In exchange for your work you will receive studio space, council and instruction in a variety of topics pertaining to succeeding as a professional artist, studio practices, and clay working techniques. This is an opportunity to learn from two active artists and to learn and apply this information in a hands-on way. This is chance to learn about the cycles and challenges of making a living as a sculptor and potter. We are looking for a good fit for our studio and a dedicated worker. Our work-spaces are important to us; they are a huge part of our daily living. The mental space and energy we foster supports our ability to be successful and to work long hours. As a potential assistant we ask that you respect our space and efforts and add as much as you can to this exchange. You Will Receive: Instruction with Deb and George: Check out our websites below to see more of our work and experience. Deb Schwartzkopf http://debspottery.com George Rodriguez http://gfrodriguez.com Twice a month we will plan a progress report/critique of your work. This will be a structured chance to ask questions, receive our input, seek resources, respond to lessons, and check in on any concerns. Our instruction is not meant to teach you how to make our work, but rather to give a broad platform of techniques and information from which you will develop your own work. Every other week one of us will give you a one hour lesson on a clay working, firing, materials information, or professional development topic. These lessons and presentations will be given with practice assignments. You will be asked to present progress in your skill/ ideas in future meetings. The topics we cover will be set by your interests. George and I will also present materials we feel will best help your work grow. Studio Space: You will receive a space to work in and leave set up as your area. During the holiday show or if we host a workshop you may have to consolidate your space for a day or two. You will have access to this six days a week 8am-10pm. We will base the days on mutual agreement as to what works best for your schedule. Kiln and Materials Access: You will receive access to kilns and glaze materials at cost (Itemized cost table given at interview). We have two large Skutt electric kilns, one small electric kiln and a large gas car-kiln (this one is still in the works but we plan to rebuild it in Feb/ March 2014). We have a fully stocked Glazed materials area, spray booth, pottery wheels, table space, slab roller (also in the works), professional photo shoot set-up and more. Web Presence: You will also receive a page on my webpage where you may have two-three images, artist statement, and bio. See previous assistants pages at Professional Experience: Learning how to format promotional materials- cards, fliers etc Maintaining email list/ formatting emails w/ Mail Chimp Platform Setting up/ Advertising a home show/ studio sale (December) Teaching/ workshop/ lecture presenting. (I will try and provide the chance for you to be present at one or some of the classes I teach. This will be most likely should there be a local event, but these are irregular events so I cannot be specific about this. It is likely however) Packing and Shipping work to Galleries Approaching/ Maintaining gallery relationships Broad exposure to the ceramic community in Seattle Feedback for written artist statements and resume Studio Experience: Throwing and Trimming Skills Hand building small and large scale Making plaster molds Glazing by painting, spraying, dipping Various surface techniques including sprigging, wax resist and latex, inlay, scraffito, engobes, carving, Epoxying to repair sculptural ceramic work Firing schedules/ techniques from 04-6 in electric and gas kilns Ceramic materials information/ mixing & testing glazes Kiln maintenance and kiln furniture grinding/ cleaning What we are Looking For: We want to work with individuals who are committed to a career in the ceramic arts. Someone who has personal motivation and is eager to learn. We work very hard and will expect you to as well. Our studio atmosphere is very important and we strive to balance long hours with a sense of humor, attention to detail with experimentation and community with respect for privacy and personal growth. With this assistantship we are looking for a minimum of six months to one-year commitment. (It is possible that this could be extended after the first year). We are engaging in a work exchange where you will receive space and instruction. For this space/ instruction you will work for us toward the production of our work, studio chores, help with studio/ kiln maintenance, help host studio sale events, water plants, weeding, help with projects in and around the household/ yard/ and studio. Housing Option: You may rent a room in our home for $200 a month (this will include utilities) or choose to find a room in the neighborhood on your own to rent. If need be the room can be furnished with a dresser, bed, and bookshelf. There are two bathrooms in the house that are shared. This room is meant as a perk of the assistantship and is meant only for one person. The address to our home 2410 SW 106th Street, Seattle WA 98146 if you would like to research where the location is in connection with public transport, downtown and the airport. The room is light grey/green, 12’ x 12’ approximately, has one window, small closet, wood floors, it is on the shady side of the house. Should you choose to rent from us there will be a renter’s agreement that will be signed by both parties.
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